In a society saturated with marketing, only the most unique content stands out. That’s why Mountain Mojo Group is passionate about being different. The Flagstaff-based agency, founded in 2015, is a collection of creative minds who believe in supporting local businesses and elevating their marketing.

“Local business owners are so passionate about what they do,” says Austin Leggett, Chief Creative Officer for Mountain Mojo. “We wanted to combine all of our passions and put together all of our talented friends here in Flagstaff and combine them under one roof so that we could start providing these services for local businesses.”

The full-service agency helps businesses of all sizes market their products and services without getting lost among national brands. They strive to work closely with each client and understand the core values of their business so they can develop custom content for digital and traditional advertising.

“We do a little bit of everything when it comes to marketing,” says CEO Rand Jenkins. “We do long-term plans, we do short-term campaign strategies, anything you can think of.”

With such passion for partnering with local businesses, it was a natural choice for Mountain Mojo Group to put their money in a local financial institution. “When it came time to make the decision between whether or not we would bank with a local credit union or one of the larger national financial institutions, it was an easy decision,” says Jenkins. “We bank with OneAZ because we love to keep money local.”

“We’ve built long-term relationships with the people at OneAZ since the day we walked in,” says Leggett. “We’ve always gotten great customer service, and it’s just so easy to show up and work with them.”

Interested in working with OneAZ to support your own business? Our team of business banking experts is ready to help you reach your financial goals!