Black Friday is almost here! Like most avid shoppers, you’ve prepared for weeks with a list of items to purchase, the store with the best price and a map on where to find the items on Friday.

Unfortunately, shoppers aren’t the only ones who look forward to the biggest shopping day of the year. Thieves are ready to take advantage of distracted or tired shoppers. Here are five tips from OneAZ Credit Union to help keep you safe and protect you from theft on Black Friday.

  1. Take only essential items with you – Only take one credit card to use on all your purchases, your driver’s license, keys and cell phone. Leave everything else at home. Keep your car keys in your front pocket if at all possible.
  2. Keep your essentials close to you - Women should wear a small cross body purse or a shoulder strap purse kept close to your side. Avoid carrying a large or bulky purse which will be difficult to manage while carrying purchases. Men should place their wallet in a buttoned pocket or in a front pocket. This protects you from a grab and dash thief.
  3. Secure your credit card and wallet after every purchase – Take the extra minute immediately after your purchase to place your credit card in your wallet and return it to your purse or pocket before you leave the sales counter. Keep your sales receipt in your wallet instead of in the shopping bag with your purchased items.
  4. Be alert in the parking lot – Keep your head up and your eyes on your surroundings in the parking lot. Avoid talking on your cell phone as you walk to your car. Report any suspicious behavior you see to mall or store security.
  5. Store purchases in your trunk – Hide all your purchases, especially high value items, in your trunk safely out of sight to protect yourself from a smash and grab thief.

OneAZ Credit Union cares about the safety of our members.  Following these simple preventative tips keeps you a step ahead of thieves and focused on achieving your Black Friday shopping goals!

By Sally Davies
Senior Content Writer at OneAZ