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Money Peach

Chris Peach

Chris "Peach" Petrie

How to Build a Budget in Uncertain Times

Like many Arizonans, you may be feeling uncertain about your financial future right now. OneAZ and Money Peach have a solution that will empower you to take charge and confidently build a budget.

As a member of OneAZ, you are invited to attend Chris Peach’s financial webinar - brought to you FREE by OneAZ Credit Union. Learn how Chris and his wife paid off thousands of dollars of debt.

Chris will teach you to use interactive budgeting tools to track your spending, understand your money habits and build a budget that works for you.

  • Discover how you can earn more and save more.
  • Get a personal budgeting tool to track and manage bills and expenses.
  • Build a plan to pay off debt.

As a bonus, you’ll leave the webinar with the tools that Chris used to manage his debt—Your Money Together Guide and OneAZ’s Budget Balance documents.

Money Peach

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