Your Credit Union has a new name

Q: Why has Arizona State Credit Union changed its name?
A: We changed our name to increase familiarity and brand awareness in our markets. The Arizona State Credit Union name was often confused with other financial institutions that use Arizona in their name.


Q: Has Arizona State Credit Union been sold or acquired?
A: No. We are fiscally sound. As a member-owned financial institution, we cannot be sold like a commercial bank. All our associates and volunteer board members remain ready to serve our members. While our name and logo have changed, you can continue to expect and receive the same great service from our dedicated team of associates.


Q: Will my checks, VISA Debit & Credit and PIN, and home banking passwords still work?
A: Yes. Your account numbers, PIN numbers and credit union services remain the same and will function as they do now. Please continue to use your existing checks until you need to re-order.  At that time, you will receive new checks with the OneAZ Credit Union name. VISA Credit & Debit cards will continue to function normally until you receive a replacement card with the new name and logo.  Replacement cards will be sent to you prior to the expiration date.


Q:  Will my deposits continue to be insured?
A:  Yes. Your deposits will continue to insured up to the federal limits by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).


 Q: I have direct deposit. Do I need to change anything so that my deposits continue to be credited properly?
A: You don’t need to change anything. Your account number and the credit union’s routing and transit number will remain the same, so your direct deposits will continue to work just as they have before.


Q: Why did you choose OneAZ Credit Union?
A: This decision emerged as a result of rigorous research and evaluation in our marketplace under the leadership of our Board of Directors and the Executive Management team. The OneAZ name will strengthen our brand position by minimizing name confusion. It is common for members and potential members to confuse us with the other local financial institutions who also use Arizona as part of their name.  Several names as well as design elements, including logo, colors and font were tested in focus groups. The clear name choice was OneAZ Credit Union. The new name was put to a member vote in December 2015 and the majority of members agreed to it.


Q. With the name change, you retained the star in the logo. Please tell us about that?
A:  We received feedback from the focus groups that the star was recognizable. We agree and feel the star is part of our identity and tradition.   


Q: When does the new name go into effect?
A: While the name has officially been approved by Arizona Corporation Commission and the Department of Financial Institutions, the new name and logo were added throughout our website on May 2, 2016. However, we began informing members a few months ago. New building signage began going up on late March and was completed by late April.


Q: Will there be other changes that I will notice?

A: Yes, we will update our website, online banking system, and bill payment program. You will notice changes to your monthly paper and/or e-statement as well. In our branches, you will begin to notice new materials, displays, and signage. 


Q: Has any Credit Union contact information changed?

A: Yes, our new website address is and our new toll free number is 844.ONE.AZCU (844.663.2928).However, the old phone number (800.671.1098) and old website address ( will still work to help with the transition.