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PHOENIX (May 18, 2021)—To help Arizonans make healthy financial decisions, OneAZ Credit Union has partnered with Chris Petrie, Founder of Money Peach to provide financial tips and tricks. The content offers in-depth educational information on the basics of credit, saving, building a budget and more.

Chris provides interactive webinars, videos, and blog content on the following topics:

  • Discover how to earn more and save more.
  • Get personal budgeting tools to track and manage bills and expenses.
  • Build plans to pay off debt.

The content is open to everyone, regardless of whether they are a member of OneAZ Credit Union. Educational topics include financial basics, like understanding your credit, teaching kids about money, automating your savings and how to use a budgeting worksheet. Together, the content we have created has received over 130,000 views.

“If you think about my journey with OneAZ, it started because I was building a financial foundation for our family and I didn’t want to do it alongside a big national bank,” says Petrie, who has been a OneAZ member since 2011. “Now fast forward to today, it’s amazing how fortunate I am to become a OneAZ partner, where together we get to help educate our members on financial stability.”
Chris Petrie, Founder of Money Peach

Click here to learn more about our partnership with Chris Peach.

About OneAZ Credit Union

OneAZ Credit Union is celebrating 70 years of helping Arizonans reach their financial goals. As a credit union, OneAZ is owned by its members, who benefit from better interest rates, lower fees for service and improved technology. With 20 branch locations and a full suite of personal and business banking solutions, OneAZ serves over 145,000 members across the state. OneAZ’s mission is to truly improve the lives of its members, its associates and the communities it serves. Insured by NCUA.


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