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Auto Resources

What is a Cash-Out Auto Refi and is It a Good Idea?

Cash-out auto refinancing means to take the equity you have in your vehicle and turn it into cash by refinancing your vehicle with a new auto loan.

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Should You Co-Sign a Car Loan for Your Children?

Co-signing on an auto loan could help your child buy a car. Learn the benefits and risks of co-signing on an auto loan for your children.

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Can You Trade in a Car Before It’s Paid Off?

“Can I trade in my car while I’m still making payments?” YES, you absolutely can trade in a financed car.

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5 Tips for Negotiating Your Car Price

Doing some research ahead of time can help you feel prepared to negotiate your car price.

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How to Finance a Used Car in 6 Steps

Follow these six steps to make sure you get the lowest rates, best terms, and best customer service when financing your next used car purchase.

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Rev Up Your Car Budget

Budgeting for a car means putting a plan in place and considering all the factors so you buy or lease something you will love and fits your budget.

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