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Student Resources

How to Pay Back Student Loans Fast

This guide will help you learn how to pay back student loans fast. Learn the 7 steps to paying back student loans while maintaining a budget.

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Top Credit Card Tips for Students

Getting a credit card and using it wisely is a huge step towards financial independence. Use these tips to ace the test on responsible credit card use

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Take These Steps with Your Student Loans

What steps should you take with your student loans – even with the extension of federal student loan payment relief measures?

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Your Student Debt: What Now?

COVID-era relief extensions are in the news and getting prepared with the best options to handle your student loan debt will help reduce stress.

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4 Ways to Repay Federal Student Loans When You’re Struggling

Do you currently have federal student loans and you’re struggling to keep up with the monthly payments? If so, you’re not alone.

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Money Management for Arizona College Students

OneAZ is here to give you the run-down of what you need to know to manage your funds so you can focus more on studying than on worrying about expenses.

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Student Videos

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