OneAZ uses email to notify you of account changes, security notices and promotional offers. For your security, please keep the following in mind when you receive an email from us:

  1. We will never ask you to respond to an email with confidential information like your account number, password, social security number, card number or PIN.
    If we send a promotional email encouraging you to apply for a loan/service with us, we will always direct you back our website.
    Our website and Online Banking URLs are and and will always appear with a secure green lock icon like the ones below.

  2. All of our emails have a Security Zone with information regarding email security that directs you to this page.
  3. If you receive a suspicious email, please do not open or click on any links and immediately call us at 1.844.663.2928.


Phishing or Spoofing is the most common type of online fraud. Fraudsters may send you an email that looks like it has come from OneAZ Credit Union. These emails ask you to go to a website through a link within the email. The website may also look like OneAZ Credit Union's website, where you will be asked to provide your confidential information such as your account number, password, social security number, ATM/debit or credit card number, PIN or other information that only you need to know. Often these emails threaten to close accounts or claim that your information has been compromised. Sometimes fraudulent emails claim that you have won money, a prize, or a gift. The fraudsters' goal is to make you act quickly without thinking about what you're doing.

It is very important to remember that OneAZ Credit Union never asks for personal information through text message, email or by phone. Emails may contain links to our website or other sites related to our industry. If you prefer not to use the link in the email, please visit our website by typing our web address into your web browser. Please contact us immediately if you ever have questions or concerns about suspicious emails you may have received from us.