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Support local businesses to keep money in the community

In the age of two-day shipping and convenient megastores, it’s easy to think that opting for a national brand is the best use of your money. However, supporting Arizona businesses and organizations means your money stays local, through taxes, investments and more. That means that your hard-earned money, once spent, continues to work for you and improve the economy.

Thomas Barr, Executive Director of Local First Arizona, believes that every Arizonan can support the economy by spending money at local businesses. “Up to four times more of our dollars stay in Arizona when we choose a local business over a national chain,” says Barr, adding that this “creates more jobs, and builds hometown pride by growing relationships with owners of businesses in our communities.”

Here are a few easy ways to keep more of your money in Arizona:

Support locally owned businesses.

Buying products from companies founded and run by Arizonans means much more of your hard-earned money stays in our community. “We love keeping our business as local as possible,” says Jenny Carey, Co-owner of One Stop Nutrition in Scottsdale, “because our locals are the ones that have created our business and help us grow.”

Buy food farmed in Arizona.

You can find meat, produce, dairy, honey and more, all right here in the valley. Whether you’re hitting the local farmer’s market every weekend or just shopping the local section at your grocery store, your grocery money will help Arizona businesses stay strong.

Bank local.

Unlike national banks, local financial institutions are run in-state and decisions are made with the community in mind. From auto loans and credit cards to wealth management and mortgages, a local partner like OneAZ Credit Union will help you achieve your financial goals, and profits will be reinvested in the local economy.

Support nonprofits that improve your neighborhood.

Whether your passion is helping at-risk youth or fostering rescued pets, there’s a homegrown nonprofit in your area that could use your assistance. Invest your time and money in organizations that focus on Arizona’s needs and watch our community thrive!

Attend community events.

This is a great way to discover new Arizona-run businesses and foster a greater sense of community. Opt for events that feature tasty treats from local restaurants or food trucks, and booths or pop-up shops from local retailers.

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