Refinancing Your Home Loan with OneAZ

Unlock the equity in your home by refinancing your home loan.

How can a mortgage refinance benefit you? You can refinance your home loan to cash in on the equity you’ve gained in your home, lower your interest rate and monthly payment, or get better terms and pay off your loan faster.

Why Should I Refinance?

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Cash In on Your Equity

Home values are on the rise in Arizona. A Cash-Out Refinance lets you take advantage of your home’s increased value, giving you a cash pay out.


  • Get cash for your home’s increased value
  • Renovate your home to continue boosting its value
  • Reduce/eliminate private mortgage insurance (PMI)

Cash Out Today

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Lower Your Monthly Payment

Refinance to a lower rate. If you have an older home loan or an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), you may be able to refinance to a lower interest rate.


  • Lower your interest rate
  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Use the extra cash to pay off debt

Refi Your Rate

Trim your loan term

Trim Your Loan Term

Are you ready to pay off your home loan? Refinancing can shorten your loan term so you pay off your loan faster.


  • Lower the amount of interest you’ll pay
  • Financial independence faster
  • Build equity quicker

Lower Your Term

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How much can you save with a refi?

Our Refinance Calculator can help you determine whether refinancing is right for you.

Discover Savings

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Refinancing is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Step 1

Get in Touch

Start your application online, over the phone or in person. Our locally based team will get to know you and your goals to help you choose the best refinancing option for your needs.

Step 2: Lock in your rate.

Step 2

Lock in Your Rate.

Once you speak with an expert you can complete an application and lock-in your new low rate.

Step 3: You're ready to go!

Step 3


Once you're processed and approved we will set a closing date. We’ll ensure you understand all the documentation and have everything you need.


% Discount

Enjoy a discount on your refinancing interest rate just for banking with us.1

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We check all the boxes for your mortgage refinance.

  • Low Fees at Closing OneAZ has some of the lowest fees in Arizona
  • Local Expertise Our mortgage team knows the local market and will keep you informed on the progress of your loan application
  • Guaranteed On-time Closing Our loans close in 24 days or we’ll give you $2,5002
  • 24/7 Live Loan Application Support Apply for your loan by phone or online anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend

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Learn more about refinancing.

At OneAZ, we want you to have the tools and the knowledge to make confident, smart decisions about your finances.

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Rates as of July 1, 2024.

OneAZ makes such loans without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, familial status, or any other discriminatory factors. OneAZ is an Equal Housing Lender.

1 To qualify for .25% discount, you will need to agree to the following or have already established the following: Establish membership, Open a OneAZ checking account, Set up a monthly direct deposit of $1,000 or more and set up an auto pay for the new loan. The offer does not apply to FHA, VA or USDA mortgages.

2 24-Day Close Guarantee-Conditions apply. Terms and Conditions must be signed and acknowledged by both parties. For full details, refer to the Mortgage Closing Agreement.

Disclosures: The following is provided as an Example Only. Each scenario is different. Assumes existing loan of $275,000 or $750,000 with/without Standard Mortgage Insurance (MI). Assumes excellent credit and ≤ 80% LTV on a Single-Family Residence. Assumes Owner Occupied, Rate and Term Refinance, on a similar loan amount. Removing/Reducing Mortgage Insurance (MI) can result in substantial savings. Varying loan amounts, terms, etc., may result in increased/reduced savings. Contact a OneAZ MLO for information regarding your situation. Rates, Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.



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